The Common Flecks - We started The Common Flecks in 2020, and since our first day we’ve brought the best selection of leather product with affordable price and merchandise to our customers. 

Serving the genuine leather cases and accessories with exclusive hand-made on processes of production and customisation. The mindset to pleased you is always be the first priority with the greatest quality of products together with gorgeous colours.


Colour Your Life
Different people, different shades of life.
People's lifestyle is so distinctive,
that's why The Common Flecks provide many colourways to fit all of your styles
Personalized Phone Case and Accessories
Elegance, exquisiteness, and luxurious should not be the same way since you can make your own customization alphabets on them. Expressd yourself in your own words, abbreviations, alphabet, or characters.

Perfect debossing is hand-made by the dedicated man who knows the detail of each leather and foil.